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Make sure your credit expert witness 1099s are correct

For those of you who do credit expert witness work you either have already gotten your 1099s or will be getting them soon. Double check to make sure your monies are correctly listed in box 7, “non-employee compensation.” Every year I get a dozen or so that are incorrectly categorized in box 14, “gross proceeds… Read more »

Fair Credit Reporting Act Lawsuits Skyrocketing in 2015, Credit Expert Witnesses Are In Demand

Fair Credit Reporting Act lawsuits filed in August 2015 were up 83% from the same month in 2014. And while one month out of twelve doesn’t tell an “annualized” story, FCRA lawsuits are up 32.3% year to date relative to the same time period from last year. These statistics are according to Michigan based WebRecon,… Read more »

How Do I Retain a Credit Expert Witness?

I received a question from a fairly new attorney last week about retaining a credit expert witness.  Her question was simple, “how do I go about retaining you?”  It occurred to me that retaining a credit expert is not a common occurrence for most people so her question was quite reasonable.  The answer is pretty… Read more »

What Does An Expert Witness Report Look Like?

Written by John Ulzheimer, Credit Reporting Expert Witness can be reached at 1 866 985 8884. In my time as a credit expert witness I’ve had to write scores of expert witness reports. These reports have a purpose and that purpose is to clearly outline my opinions regarding the case for which I’ve been retained. … Read more »

Are Your Expert Reports Confidential? Credit Report Expert John Ulzheimer 866 985 8884

For those of us who have done credit expert witness work for many years we remember the day when expert report drafts were discoverable. Experts and lawyers would play cat and mouse games and rather than fax or email expert report drafts back and forth they’d find another way to review draft reports before submission,… Read more »

Credit Reporting Damages Expert Witness John Ulzheimer Tracking FCRA and FDCPA Lawsuits Filed in October 2012

According to WebRecon, a Michigan based bureau that tracks consumer protection lawsuits, FCRA, FDCPA and TCPA suits continue pace to match the record numbers set in 2011. FDCPA lawsuits filed in the first half of October 2012 are up 13% from the same time period in 2011. FCRA lawsuits filed in the first half of… Read more »

When Choosing a Credit Expert Witness, Is Location That Important? John Ulzheimer 866.985.8884

I recognize that it’s nice to have a local credit expert witness.  You’re in the same time zone, cheer for the same sports teams, maybe even run in the same social circles. But when it comes down to hiring the most qualified credit reporting expert witness, location should be secondary and hiring the right expert… Read more »

How Are Credit Damages Calculated? John Ulzheimer 866 985 8884

One of the common requests in my credit expert witness related work is the assessment and quantification of damages caused by allegedly incorrect credit reporting and the subsequent lower credit scores that can be a result of the incorrect credit reporting. In my 100+ cases as an expert it has become apparent to me that… Read more »

Credit Reporting Expert Witness, Experience or Research…which is better?

In my world, that of the credit expert witness, there are about a half dozen people who seem to do much of the expert witness work.  I’m not sure if that’s coincidental or if there are really only a small handful of people who feel comfortable doing expert witness work, which isn’t for everyone.  Some… Read more »

When Do I Cancel My Agreement For Non-Payment of Expert Witness Fees?

When Do I Cancel My Agreement For Non-Payment of Expert Witness Fees? It’s uncommon but there’s always the difficult credit damage expert client.  Not a client who bothers you excessively, but a client who can’t seem to find his or her checkbook.  Don’t get me wrong, I am the most flexible “vendor” in the world… Read more »