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What Does An Expert Witness Report Look Like?

Written by John Ulzheimer, Credit Reporting Expert Witness can be reached at 1 866 985 8884. In my time as a credit expert witness I’ve had to write scores of expert witness reports. These reports have a purpose and that purpose is to clearly outline my opinions regarding the case for which I’ve been retained. … Read more »

Are Your Expert Reports Confidential? Credit Report Expert John Ulzheimer 866 985 8884

For those of us who have done credit expert witness work for many years we remember the day when expert report drafts were discoverable. Experts and lawyers would play cat and mouse games and rather than fax or email expert report drafts back and forth they’d find another way to review draft reports before submission,… Read more »

Credit Reporting Damages Expert Witness John Ulzheimer Tracking FCRA and FDCPA Lawsuits Filed in October 2012

According to WebRecon, a Michigan based bureau that tracks consumer protection lawsuits, FCRA, FDCPA and TCPA suits continue pace to match the record numbers set in 2011. FDCPA lawsuits filed in the first half of October 2012 are up 13% from the same time period in 2011. FCRA lawsuits filed in the first half of… Read more »