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The Ulzheimer Group, LLC Partners with WebRecon to Provide Credit Expert Witness Services to Attorneys


Atlanta, GA February 17, 2010 – The Ulzheimer Group, LLC and WebRecon, LLC announced today a strategic partnership to provide well qualified credit expert witnesses with information on newly filed credit-related lawsuits using WebRecon’s consumer litigant database. The proprietary database allows for access to class actions and other consumer claims involving Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) alleged violations. Both companies are market leaders in their respective areas.

The alliance will give The Ulzheimer Group’s stable of credit expert witnesses the ability to proactively offer their expert witness services to the law firms and the attorneys engaged in consumer credit litigation significantly in advance of the timeframe during which expert witness reports are usually exchanged. Having an expert witness engaged earlier in the process allows for better discovery and better preparation for both sides of the litigation.

According to WebRecon CEO Jack Gordon, “The number of consumer credit related lawsuits is growing each year,” he said, “The attorneys involved in these cases frequently find themselves in need of a good credit expert and there simply aren’t many good ones on the market.”

“Every case deserves to have a credit expert witness who truly understands credit reporting, credit scoring, credit damages, and credit law” says John Ulzheimer, CEO of The Ulzheimer Group, an experienced credit expert witness and an 18-year veteran of the consumer credit industry. “Access to WebRecon’s database gives us the ability to quickly identify the law firms and the attorneys who are filing suit or defending credit industry players such as collection agencies, debt buyers, credit bureaus, and lenders. Securing a strong credit expert witness sooner rather than later frees up the attorneys to do what they do best, which is to represent their clients’ interests rather than spending time searching for an expert witness at the eleventh hour and having to settle for anyone who picks up the phone.”

The Ulzheimer Group, LLC is the only credit expert witness firm that exclusively retains credit industry veterans with significant and relevant credit experience. The company also provides training to enable their witnesses to leverage their knowledge for the best service of attorneys. “Anyone can read a few credit books and post an advertisement on some expert witness clearinghouse website,” says Ulzheimer. “That doesn’t make you an expert in credit and that’s not a commitment to the service of our industry. Our partnership with WebRecon allows us to pair our industry experts with attorneys with sufficient lead time to do our job right rather than do it fast”, he says. “We’re thrilled to be associated with WebRecon.”

About The Ulzheimer Group, LLC: The Ulzheimer Group, LLC was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. The Ulzheimer Group’s core offerings, FDCPA Expert Witness, FCRA Expert Witness and Credit Damage Expert Witness services, have become highly sought after as credit litigation volume has increased.

The Ulzheimer Group’s core team of expert witnesses have a collective 82 years of work experience in the consumer credit industry including time with credit reporting agencies, Fair Isaac and other relevant credit industry players. Since 2005, The Ulzheimer Group’s expert witnesses have taken on over 50 credit-related cases representing both plaintiffs and defendants.

About WebRecon LLC: Creditors and collection firms use WebRecon’s services to easily segregate predictably litigious consumers from their databases. A significant percentage of consumer litigation is initiated by the same consumers over and over again, and screening them out of the general population can reduce lawsuits by as much as a third.

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