John Ulzheimer

John Ulzheimer is the President of The Ulzheimer Group, LLC, and founder of CreditExpertWitness. He is a nationally recognized expert on credit reporting, credit scoring and identity theft. In addition to his expertise in personal finance and consumer credit, John also serves as an expert witness and legal consultant for clients involved in credit related litigation.

John has 19+ years of experience in the consumer credit industry including positions with Equifax Credit Information Services and The Fair Isaac Corporation (inventors of the FICO® credit scoring system) and He has authored or created numerous educational materials on the subject including:

  • The book, You’re Nothing but a Number, Why achieving great credit scores should be on your list of wealth building strategies.
  • The consumer handbook, Surviving Identity Theft.
  • The white paper, Common Mistakes Made by Ineffective Credit Expert Witnesses.
  • The upcoming book; The Pocket Guide to Credit (working title)

John has appeared on CNBC, FOX News, CNN and Oprah’s “Oprah and Friends” XM Satellite Radio. He has contributed content for CNBC’s “On The Money”, Freddie Mac’s “Know Your Score” campaign, Oprah’s “Debt Diet” series and The Suze Orman Show. He is also a frequent commentator on credit-related issues in various outlets including CNBC, USA TODAY, Los Angeles Times,, Washington Post, Money Magazine, American Banker, Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney, MarketWatch,, The Motley Fool,,, and other regional business and consumer media.

In his hometown of Atlanta, John teaches a course, when offered, on credit reporting and scoring at The Emory University Center for Lifelong Learning and was named by the students the Top Personal Finance and Investments Instructor for the 2005/2006 term. He is also a regular guest lecturer at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta and The University of Georgia in Athens.

John is supported by multiple veterans of the credit industry including several former employees of Equifax, FICO,, Experian, and several lenders.  Each of them has attended John’s Expert Witness training courses.