Cautionary Tale For Debt Collectors

This is text from a press release issued March 1 2010 by Scott Owens, Esq from the law firm of Cohen and Owens, P.A. Florida Consumer Turns Tables On Debt Collector — Sued For $800.00 Dollars, Consumer Collects $120,000.00 Dollars From Debt Collector Boca Raton resident Steven J. Pincus incurred legal fees in excess of… Read more »

Co-signer for Credit Purposes Only

I reviewed a recent FCRA and credit damages lawsuit where one party was making a “I was a co-signer for credit only” arguement. She contends that she only co-signed to help the other party to qualify for the loan and had no intention of actually being liable for the payments. The story continues when the… Read more »

FCRA and FDCPA Lawsuits Skyrocket

Debt Collectors and Creditors Beware, FCRA and FDCPA Lawsuits Skyrocket On December 16th of 2008 I predicted a sharp increase in consumer credit related lawsuits in 2009. Boy did I nail that one. According to Jack Gordon, CEO of WebRecon LLC, a service that tracks FCRA and FDCPA filings, “we’re on pace to eclipse 8,500… Read more »

Credit Limit Myths

I heard that it is important to take your credit card up to the limit once, then keep your balance low, is this true, is there any benefit Comments: Commenting not available on this post. This article should not be interpreted as legal advice or testimony. It does not represent any conclusive opinion of the… Read more »

The Credit Expert Witness, the next step in your credit career

Few people are in more demand but less in supply than the consumer credit expert witness. These individuals possess a truly unique understanding of credit reporting, credit scoring, credit damage, identity theft, and the various credit laws, which govern how lenders and credit bureaus access and use our personal data. This issue of this month’s… Read more »

IRAs and Bankruptcy

Someone I know is filing chapter 7 bankruptcy and he owes me money. My question is this.. is an IRA considered an asset that can be tapped to pay his debts? Comments: Commenting not available on this post. This article should not be interpreted as legal advice or testimony. It does not represent any conclusive… Read more »

Credit Card Debt Settlement

I have a credit card balance of $14,400 and am being offered a settlement amount of $7,000. The credit card company has threatened me that if I do not respond with an answer on Monday 06/08/09 I will be sued for the full amount. I’m currently in the process of selling my house. It has… Read more »

Authorized User on Credit Card

I am listed as authorized user on two accounts that are in good standing. The oldest account dates to 2005 and is a credit card with a credit limit of $19k and has a high balance of $16k. I am keeping my name on that one since it is the oldest. The other credit card… Read more »

Fixing Your Credit On Your Own

In this economy more people than ever are having trouble paying their bills. If your credit is less than stellar and you’re wondering how to fix it, there are some things you should know. Don’t make a bad situation even worse. Regardless of what you may see advertised on the web, in your email box… Read more »

Identity Theft: Credit Monitoring Solutions

Many people have been hearing about Credit Monitoring services lately. Between the financial advisors on TV and radio, to company advertisements, to internet marketing, it seems as though there is an ever increasing number of options and opinions regarding credit monitoring solutions. Primarily, there are three different options to consider. All three major credit bureaus… Read more »